Bridgestone Training Program

Who’s the Boss?

Bridgestone Retail Operations (BSRO), the country’s largest auto care provider, works tirelessly to improve their customers’ experience. So they enlisted Exclaim to help launch a new customer-focused education program. The goals were to grab the attention of roughly 22,000 BSRO teammates and to remind them that the customer – or “Boss” – is always right.

We collaborated with BSRO to create a nationwide blended learning experience, anchored by an on-screen spokesperson, that combined live action, animation and video segments. “Owning the Customer Experience” appeals to different types of learners through its varied content. The program includes video segments featuring BSRO’s executives, real-life mystery shoppers, a clinical psychologist, as well as facilitator-led role playing activities and Q&A sessions. We also refreshed BSRO’s collateral, including leaders’ guides, participant guides and graphic displays, to reinforce the new mindset going forward.

This instructor led program had a dramatic impact on BSRO’s customer satisfaction scores. Recently, BSRO and Exclaim were awarded the 2013 Automotive Training Managers Council’s prestigious National Excellence in Training Award. We are thrilled to be part of this success story!