DeVry University Educational Calculator

Tools that keep students informed

Technotribe (now a part of Exclaim) were asked to create an interactive educational cost calculator to help prospective students understand their costs and potential financial aid, including scholarships that they could use to pay for their degree program. The DeVry marketing team had a vision for a user-friendly, engaging tool that supported the brand. The DeVry IT team had the tools to supply the dynamic data to ensure that the calculations are up-to-date financial information. We helped merge the technologies and vision into an easy-to-use tool.

This calculator allows the student to see how different aid types reduce their costs. At the end of the calculator, the student can view the one year or total program financial aid estimate, download a copy of the results, as well as upload for use during the enrollment process. The end result: building customer loyalty by bringing marketing and IT together to create an intuitive, branded tool that provides needed information to the user in real time.