DeVry Multimedia Installation

Elevate brands with interactive experiences

When DeVry University called us for ways to spice up a main corridor in their corporate headquarters, we devised a robust, multimedia user experience that visitors would remember. Using videos and an interactive touchscreen, visitors learn more about the college’s history, its purpose and values, and its vision for the future.

Our most impactful creative asset was DeVry’s real-life success stories. We scoured DeVry’s campuses across the country for student-representatives that personify the college’s core values. Then each rep was flown to Chicago and filmed using state-of-the-art green screens and ultra high definition 4K camera technology.

The greatest challenge with this project was providing a polished brand image using cutting edge technology—without breaking the bank. So, we repurposed DeVry’s existing glass panels using a touch-sensitive, behind-the-glass film for a seamless, cost-effective installation.