vTech National Consumer Sweepstakes

Consumer marketing as easy as 1-2-3

The electronic learning market is a competitive game, but strong promotions give clients a winning edge. Our long-term creative partnership with VTech Electronics spanned numerous promotional product videos, such as the Cyber Rocket learning system spot. The key was to attract kids with energetic graphics, engaging audio and playful animated characters. If we could attract kids with our strategically-placed kiosks and broadcast advertisements, we knew their parents would be sold.

Getting families to register online is another story, however. Our “VSmile Across America” online sweepstakes program targeted learning-minded parents. We got the word out with colorful print inserts in every VSmile point-of-purchase retail package, as well as a fully-integrated digital campaign sent to a strategically-targeted list of a million families in 12 major metropolitan markets, informing them about the program. We managed every aspect of the campaign and tracked its analytics, achieving an exceptional activation rate.